Monday, December 11, 2006

A 'Smart' Coffee Maker

The next coffee innovation? Well it comes from Microsoft of all places!

Hitting the shelves in time for the holidays is a new coffee maker by Salton Inc. The new Melitta Smart Mill & Brew, has features that have long been promised. Sure, any coffee maker can make great coffee, especially if its making Shock Coffee, but this one does something that others cannot. This new brewer actually delivers you the weather with your coffee!

For this time of year, that's not a bad idea. You get up in the morning, shuffle downstairs to make that first pot to get your day going. As you are getting your first cup your very friendly coffee maker informs you that its 10 degrees outside, essentially giving you the idea that long-john underwear is going to be a must before you set foot out the door.

This machine boasts in full:

  • Ten-cup programmable coffee maker grinds and brews automatically for ease of use
  • LCD display with animated coffee and region-specific weather information via MSN Direct
  • Info via FM signal; no setup, subscription or Internet connection required
  • Seven grind selections; adjustable strength; brew-pause; warming plate with auto shutoff

Item number 3 is what the Shock Coffee webmaster loves the most. NO SUBSCRIPTION! Whew! One less password to remember!