Monday, November 20, 2006

Thanksgiving Contest Winners!

Congratulations to:
Daniel from Omaha, Nebraska
Dallas from West Jordan, Utah
Sandy from Overland Park, Kansas
for being the first to answer the 3 Thanksgiving trivia questions from our latest newsletter.

To recap, the questions, with answers were:
1. Which U.S. President made Thanksgiving a national holiday?
A: Abraham Lincoln, by Presidential Proclamation in 1863

2. What part of the turkey is used in a good luck ritual?
A: The Wishbone

3. Each Thanksgiving, the U.S. President is presented with a live turkey. What does he do with this turkey?
A: He pardons it.

The winners will receive some Shock Coffee products. To participate in Shock Coffee's trivia contests, click here to sign up for our newsletter.

Happy Thanksgiving from Shock Coffee, and drive safe everyone!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Holiday Coffee Ideas

As Thanksgiving approaches, and we prepare to make our first steps to gaining the first few pounds of our winter weight gain, Shock Coffee has culled the Internet to find a few coffee based recipes guaranteed to go over great at your Thanksgiving feast.

Carrot Cake

Coffee Cookies

Chocolate Coffee Clusters

Coffee Cheesecake

Hopefully, when your done with your fine repast, there will be some left over goodies for you in the morning!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

A must have for the office!

Now someone has finally gotten the right idea for the modern office environment.

The very, very thoughtful folks over at Konic Minolta have developed what we consider to be the pinnicle of office technology. Their new Bizhub prototype printer has the standard function that we have all come to know; it copies, it scans, it prints, it faxs... we have heard it all before.

But this new prototype has a DVD drive and LCD monitor for watching movies, and get ready for the good part, a built in espresso machine!

Does it get any better than that? You don't even need to step away from the printer for a pick me up cup of coffee while you wait for all those copies to finish up.

We wonder if you could get more pages per minute if you used some Shock Coffee in that thing... Something to consider.

Monday, November 06, 2006

More good news about coffee!

This story posted in USA Today talk about a new study showing some of the positive effects of coffee on a person's health. Here is a piece of the article:

The human research seems to suggest that caffeine might shield the brain from
subtle problems with forgetfulness — a possible early sign of Alzheimer's.

  • A study of more than 600 men published in the August European Journal of Clinical Nutrition suggests that coffee drinkers may be protected from mild memory and thinking problems that come with old age.
  • A 2002 study in the European Journal of Neurology found that people who consumed more caffeine in midlife appeared to be protected from developing Alzheimer's later on.

Studies on caffeine and Alzheimer's are just starting to roll in, but the literature on
Parkinson's is well established:

  • A study of more than 8,000 men in the Journal of the American Medical Association by G. Webster Ross and colleagues found that those who drank the most coffee (more than three cups a day) were the least likely to get Parkinson's.
  • Another large study, published in 2003 in the Journal of Neurological Sciences, found that tea and coffee drinkers were protected from Parkinson's.
See? We not only keep you going and get you up in the morning, we keep you healthy too!